Delier Int'l (h.k.) Company Limited

Delier Int'l (h.k.) Company Limited
Delier Int'l (H. K. ) Company Limited was founded in Hong Kong as the professional manufacturer and supplier active in the field of cold chain products, especially innovative design, produce tailor-made accessories according to customer's special requirements.

Delier Int'l meets every requirement for cold chain. The company provides a full range of Refrigeration Truck, Insulated Panel, Pallet, Pallet Truck, PVC Curtain Strip, Walk-in Cold Room accessories such as Locks, Panel Joints, Aluminum Fittings, etc. backed by consultancy and service.

Reliable equipments and plants are provided by the company's manufacture and supply of products from the Delier and CenturyTop brand names. Cost effective management system and sample design, updating and upgrading of production systems, strict quality control are available on the basis of unparalleled expertise, while all service needs and quick access to spare parts and components are ensured by the companys professional information service center.

Robert Cai
[86] 531 88941118
12th Floor, Tower B,
No. 68, Luoyuan Avenue,
Jinan, Shandong, 250063, China